ProteoGenex supplies genetic derivatives (RNA and DNA) extracted from human tissues and biological fluids.


Our Biorepository has an extensive inventory of RNA specimens.

ProteoGenex isolates RNA from every collected frozen tissue and analyzes each aliquot for RNA integrity and stability using the Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer.

  • RNA specimens are extracted from each individual tumor, diseased, or normal human tissue specimen.
    • RNA specimens are frozen and stored in vapor phase liquid nitrogen (-190°C).
  • Total RNA is isolated from human tumor, normal adjacent tissue, and post-mortem tissue samples.
  • Tumor RNA is isolated from specimens with at least 70% tumor tissue.

RNA samples can also be extracted from whole blood collected in PAXgene RNA tubes, upon request.

ProteoGenex provides detailed clinical and pathological information, Bioanalyzer trace data, and a digital image of the corresponding histological specimen for all RNA specimens.

Custom RNA isolation services are also available.


ProteoGenex can provide DNA samples to customers pursuing projects in genomics.

DNA specimens are not stored in our inventory but can be prospectively isolated from frozen and FFPE tissues, whole blood (in PAXgene DNA tubes), and other specimens upon request.

Call or email our team to discuss your custom project or ask about specimen availability in our extensive biorepository.
You can also Order Specimens Online.