Ethics Policy

ProteoGenex is committed to only providing specimens collected under ethical regulations and in accordance all applicable (local and international) laws. We have defined and adopted a strong bioethics policy including state-of-the-art procedures to achieve the highest ethical standards in all of our operations.

ProteoGenex is obligated to ensure:

  • Every participating medical institution is committed to make certain that all clinical materials collected do not interfere in any way with patient care.
  • Stringent procedures are followed to protect each and every volunteer/donor.
    • All donors have voluntarily signed legal Informed Consent documents, which clearly state the intent of use for their donated specimens: medical research purposes with possible benefits to scientific discovery and humanity as a whole.
    • Clinical specimens can only be obtained with signed consent from the donor him- or herself, or in post-mortem cases, the donor’s next-of-kin.
    • All donors are anonymized and all identifying information is redacted from all pathology reports and summarizing clinical spreadsheets.
    • All specimens are de-identified with a Sample ID number that can only be traced back to the donor by ProteoGenex’s network of collection sites.
  • All clinical materials are obtained following official protocols, with appropriate Institutional Review Board/Independent Ethics Committee (IRB/IEC) approval, which operates in accordance with the current Federal Regulations in addition to ICH, HIPAA, and GCP guidelines pertaining to the protection of human subjects.
  • ProteoGenex takes pride in practicing Ethical standards set within the guidelines of the World Health Organization.



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