Why Work with Us?

Our Quality

We guarantee that our biological specimens are of the highest research quality.

Each specimen is matched with clinical data of equally exceptional quality.

Our extensive Quality Control Program encompasses every specimen from collection and storage, through shipment to our clients’ laboratories, to ensure we provide only the best.

ProteoGenex will replace or refund any specimens that fail to meet quality standards**.


Our Collection Capabilities

We collect specimens from both diseased and normal donors, covering a vast array of research areas.

Our biorepository currently boasts over 400,000 unique specimens, which we continually aim to grow.

If we don’t have the specimens you need in our inventory, we can prospectively collect from our extensive network of clinical collection sites.


Our Speed and Reliability

Our clients praise our speed and attention in all aspects of our business.

We ensure that your questions are addressed accurately in a timely manner.
We work with you to discuss your specific research needs, and strive to provide specimens that match your exact specifications.
We work diligently to complete custom projects and specimen collections on time.
We seek timely resolution of any delay or issue in your order or custom project.

We have extensive experience in human specimen procurement and clinical trials.
Over the last 20 years, we have collected and effectively maintained a biorepository of over 800,000 individual specimens and their accompanying clinical data.
All specimens are collected from consented donors under strict ethical regulations.

We have been successfully audited by many of our clients, and we welcome our clients to audit our facilities.


Your Results

ProteoGenex specimens have been used in hundreds of peer-reviewed research publications.

In the field of biomedical research, it is important to work with precision, momentum, and confidence.

Your experiment starts from the moment each specimen is collected, and ProteoGenex ensures each specimen is treated as such until you receive them.

We understand the delays and deadlines that exist in scientific research, and we work alongside our clients to accommodate them.

The quality of your specimens are as important as the quality results you seek.

**Terms of Quality Guarantee.

Specimens shall be provided in accordance with the specimen specifications outlined in each quotation. Clients have thirty (30) days after receipt of any specimens to provide written notice to ProteoGenex of any failure of the materials to meet the specifications. If the client rejects any specimens and this rejection is not a result of mishandling by the client, ProteoGenex shall replace the defective specimens with specification-conforming specimens within reasonable time, not to exceed ninety (90) days. At ProteoGenex’s request, clients shall ship the defective Specimens to ProteoGenex at ProteoGenex’s cost, and ProteoGenex shall have a reasonable opportunity from receipt of the returned Specimens, to inspect, test, or analyze any allegedly defective specimens. Any inspection, testing and analysis by ProteoGenex shall not eliminate or delay ProteoGenex’s obligation to replace defective specimens with Order Specification-conforming specimens. If ProteoGenex is unable to replace defective specimens, clients shall be entitled to cancel the existing project and obtain a full refund or credit for any payment made by clients for rejected specimens within 30 days. If shipment of the rejected specimens is not requested by ProteoGenex within 30 days of Rejection Notice receipt, clients shall dispose of the rejected specimens in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations regarding disposal of the specimens.