Company Overview

ProteoGenex is an established, innovative provider of biological specimens and clinical information of the highest quality standards.

We are a privately held US company founded in Los Angeles, CA in 2003. With headquarters in Los Angeles, CA, we also have a large, state-of-the-art research laboratory.

The ProteoGenex team consists of 35 employees, including 30 Molecular Biologists, Cell Biologists, Biochemists, and Pathologists (15 PhDs, 5 MDs, 15 MSs).

Our biorepository offers an extensive inventory of biospecimens as well as an exclusive, custom-design human tissue-based research service, which is the company’s largest and fastest growing business segment.

Our unique and comprehensive biobank is composed of well-defined and categorized clinical samples, including frozen and FFPE tissues, blood, serum, plasma, bone marrow, tissue microarrays, etc. All ProteoGenex specimens are collected from a vast network of academic and professional clinical institutions under strict regulatory and ethical standards.

We have over 400,000 individual biomaterials covering disease targets in the fields of Oncology, Dermatology, Neurology, Immunology, Infectious Diseases, Autoimmune and Metabolic Disorders, and many more. Our products are derived from a variety of diseased human sources as well as from normal tissues. All specimens are supported by extensive pathology information and patient’s’ clinical history documentation.